Pink Energy
Energy salad

Pink Energy

Organic* red lentils and jasmine rice, beetroot hummus, organic* salad, cashew nuts

7.90 €

for 1 persons

Dietary preferences

  • Vegetalian
  • Gluten free
  • Milk free


Beetroot hummus 33% (chickpeas, organic beetroot*, rapeseed oil, lemon juice, parsley, cumin seeds, garlic, salt, pepper), red lentils 20% (organic red lentils*, rapeseed oil), organic jasmine rice* 12%, organic beetroot* 8%, organic carrot* 7%, dried dates 4% (date 95%, rice flour 5%), CASHEW NUTS 3%, rapeseed oil, parsley, MUSTARD seeds, lemon juice, salt, pepper. *57,3% of the ingredients are sourced from organic farming. Certified by Certysis BE-BIO-01


  • Nuts


  • Mustard